DSA Assessment Process

What do I have to do before the Disabled Students’ Allowance Interview?
1. Submit an application for the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA) to your Funding Body.

Funding Authorities include: Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales and Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS).
2. Arrange a DSA interview, sometimes known as an Assessment of Need, when you have received confirmation from your Funding Body that you are eligible for the funds.
3. Once you have contacted the centre you will be informed to send us the following copies of:
a. Medical evidence or diagnostic report for your disability
b. Confirmation letter from your Funding Body
c. Completion of Pre Assessment Form sent to you after booking your assessment appointment
d. If applicable, previous DSA assessment report (Needs Assessment Report)
4. You should ensure that we are in receipt of all paperwork within 5 working days of the date of this letter. If we have offered you an appointment at short notice, it is imperative that this paperwork is provided at least 48 hours before the date of your assessment.
5. Due to quality assurance and training of personnel another person may have to observe or participate in the assessment. You can be assured they will adhere to our confidentiality and data protection policies, and enhanced DBS checks. You will be asked to sign a consent form if your assessment is selected. Please see Chace’s Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice.
6. Usually interviews are undertaken between you and the assessor; however, if you want someone to accompany you please let us know before the appointment.
7. Before the assessment think about or jot down anything you think may help the assessor put in place recommendations from the DSA.
8. On the day of the assessment, if possible and within reason, please bring any portable equipment that has supported your studying in the past.
9. The appointment can take up to three hours. Please ensure you have allocated enough time.
What happens during a DSA Needs Assessment?
10. A DSA interview is a relaxed informal meeting, giving you the chance to discuss your needs with an expert assessor, try out possible technical solutions and agree recommendations.
What happens at the end of the Assessment of Need?
11. At the end of the assessment you will be asked to sign a record sheet of the equipment, software and other recommendations that have been discussed, demonstrated and recommended during the assessment interview. You will receive a copy for your reference.
What Happens Next?
12. A draft report will be produced within 10 working days of the assessment. The assessor may need to further research other options and recommendations in this period.
13. You will need to read the report and respond to the Centre within 5 working days. We call this ‘confirmation of draft report’. Some students confirm the draft report on the day of the assessment; the assessor will explain this option.
14. The confirmed report will be sent to your Funding Body and on your agreement your College or University Disability Office.
15. You will then receive a letter from Funding Body letter detailing their response to the recommendations, which in most cases is agreed. However, they can query recommendations and therefore further explanation can be necessary.
16. The Funding Body will inform you about what actions you need to take.
17. Contact your Disability Service if they have to organise any support for you. Your assessor will tell you about how to do this in your assessment interview and it will be identified in your report.
18. A DSA Needs Assessment currently costs £650+VAT and this cost is charged directly to your funding body. Our fee covers you for the duration of your course, including further recommendations to the funding body. Centres may be required to undertake Reviews out with the single fee arrangement, which we may be able to charge a fee depending on the funding bodies criteria. All Reviews must be authorised in writing by the funding body in advance. Please contact Chace should you have any queries.
19. If you wish to contact Chace about any aspect of the Assessment process then we will aim to respond to your query within 1 working day.
DSA - QAG - Disabled Students Allowances - Quality Assurance

DSA - QAG - Disabled Students Allowances - Quality Assurance