Assistive Technology Training – AT Training

If you have received IT Equipment following recommendations made by Chace or another assessment centre, you may also have access to funding that covers training costs on the recommended equipment. Our trainers are: experts in assistive software and technology and experienced in supporting learners through a friendly personalised package of training.

Through AT training you will be able to efficiently use your programs and equipment to achieve effective study that facilitates: research strategies, composition, note taking, proof reading, organisation and time management. If you feel more guidance is needed later in your course, you can seek further training support at your convenience.

To optimise your learning, the time location and pace of training is specified by you. AT Training appointments can be booked for early evening and occasionally at week-ends in special circumstances, which facilitates a flexible approach to aid the balance of study, work and training.

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DSA - QAG - Disabled Students Allowances - Quality Assurance

DSA - QAG - Disabled Students Allowances - Quality Assurance